Passenger, caught 23/9/2006 (National moth night).

Mothing at St Margaret's

Most of the Moth lists and Photographs are from my garden (TR359450) in the village of St Margaret's at Cliffe in Kent. It is situated about 1Km from the sea and has farmland with in 100 metres. The garden is well shrubbed and about 1600 sq metres. I normally run a 125 MV lamp and a 15W actinic light over-night and once the season gets going a couple of other traps. At the moment both are 25W black Lamps. previously I used a 160W blended lamp in one of them. All traps are home made. Trapping dates refer to the date the trap was put out.

Trap Update in 2017. A new 125W MV Robinson was added to a 125W MV Skinner, 15W Actinic Skinner, two 80W MV Morris modified Skinners and a 80W MVMorris Box trap.
I try and identify all the Macro Moths, with the micros I am not at all systematic, I do more than I used to with the help of the new book, but there are some that do get through.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Sandhill Rustics? - No it doesn't seem so!

The two moths below were with a couple of Flounced Rustics, and I nearly included them as such. They were slightly larger and lacked the dark bars joining the cross lines. I'm wondering if they are Sandhill Rustics. The hind-wings are white.

Moth 1

Moth 2

Check Spelling

Tony Prichard said:
"Look more like Flounced Rustics to me - the orbicular stigma (oval) is too large and the moths look a bit bulky for Sandhills

If you look at
you will see examples with the small orbicular, they're ssp demuthi which is the same ssp that you get in Kent."

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