Passenger, caught 23/9/2006 (National moth night).

Mothing at St Margaret's

Most of the Moth lists and Photographs are from my garden (TR359450) in the village of St Margaret's at Cliffe in Kent. It is situated about 1Km from the sea and has farmland with in 100 metres. The garden is well shrubbed and about 1600 sq metres. I normally run a 125 MV lamp and a 15W actinic light over-night and once the season gets going a couple of other traps. At the moment both are 25W black Lamps. previously I used a 160W blended lamp in one of them. All traps are home made. Trapping dates refer to the date the trap was put out.

Trap Update in 2017. A new 125W MV Robinson was added to a 125W MV Skinner, 15W Actinic Skinner, two 80W MV Morris modified Skinners and a 80W MVMorris Box trap.
I try and identify all the Macro Moths, with the micros I am not at all systematic, I do more than I used to with the help of the new book, but there are some that do get through.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Species List for 5/6/2010

the first "mothy" night of the year. slightly spoilt by a thunder storm at 2 a.m. that had me up and putting my MV trap under cover, (a garden table) for the rest of the night. Nothing particularly stunning, but a much better selection, with 196 moths of 40 species, and two micros still to do.


Code Taxon Vernacular Individuals
17 Hepialus lupulinus Common Swift 16
647 Hofmannophila pseudospretella Brown House Moth 1
648 Endrosis sarcitrella White-shouldered House Moth 1
998 Epiphyas postvittana Light Brown Apple Moth 8
1261 Cydia pomonella Codling Moth 1
1646 Watsonalla binaria Oak Hook-tip 2
1651 Cilix glaucata Chinese Character 1
1724 Xanthorhoe spadicearia Red Twin-spot Carpet 2
1725 Xanthorhoe ferrugata Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet 1
1727 Xanthorhoe montanata Silver-ground Carpet 1
1728 Xanthorhoe fluctuata Garden Carpet 1
1781 Horisme vitalbata Small Waved Umber 1
1784 Melanthia procellata Pretty Chalk Carpet 1
1807 Perizoma albulata Grass Rivulet 1
1819 Eupithecia exiguata Mottled Pug 6
1825 Eupithecia centaureata Lime-speck Pug 1
1834 Eupithecia vulgata Common Pug 1
1858 Chloroclystis v-ata V-Pug 1
1906 Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth 25
1957 Lomographa bimaculata White-pinion Spotted 1
1958 Lomographa temerata Clouded Silver 11
1992 Deilephila porcellus Small Elephant Hawk-moth 1
2028 Calliteara pudibunda Pale Tussock 3
2043 Eilema sororcula Orange Footman 5
2060 Spilosoma lubricipeda White Ermine 2
2061 Spilosoma luteum Buff Ermine 2
2063 Diaphora mendica Muslin Moth 5
2087 Agrotis segetum Turnip Moth 3
2088 Agrotis clavis Heart and Club 1
2089 Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart 47
2092 Agrotis puta Shuttle-shaped Dart 8
2098 Axylia putris Flame 1
2102 Ochropleura plecta Flame Shoulder 1
2147 Hada plebeja Shears 1
2279 Acronicta aceris Sycamore 1
2334 Apamea sordens Rustic Shoulder-knot 1
2337 Oligia strigilis Marbled Minor 2
2339 Oligia latruncula Tawny Marbled Minor 2
2380 Charanyca trigrammica Treble Lines 18
2384 Hoplodrina ambigua Vine's Rustic 8

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